In-room amenities & services


Wifi is available to all guests free of charge everywhere in the hotel. All you need to do is to first connect and log in with your room number and surname. 

At your arrival

On you're arrival, you'll find in your room an Evian bottled water and a Nespresso machine with capsules.  

Safe deposit box

Close the door, key in a 4-digit code, press LOCK and you’re ready to go. To open it, just enter your code again. Please don’t forget your belongings before leaving.

Phone guide

To get the front desk, please dial "9". 
Directly dial the room number to call from room to room. To call room "202", dial 202.
To place an outside call, simply press "0" followed by the number you wish to call.

Left Luggage Office

A secure left luggage office is available in our hotel, should you wish to leave your luggage with us before checking in or after checking out, to enjoy more time in Strasbourg unburdened.

Housekeeping services

Wake-up call

If you wish to be woken up, please let us know the day and specific time.

Synthetic bedding

If you wish to have synthetic pillows and/or a duvet delivered to your room upon your room, please let us know below. Our team will do their best to meet your needs. 


If you have any issue in your room, please let us know. We will send a specialist to fix the problem. 

Baby cot

A baby cot may be installed in your room upon request, for no extra charge. This cot would be suitable for toddlers no older than 18 months.

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